Events (47)

📅 Name
June 2 DTRVL Crypto Meetup
June 2 The Open Networking
June 2 Cryptopunk lounge on the hill
June 2 Welcome to Prague, Meet Paralelní Polis!
June 2 Blockchain Party x Cross Club
June 2 #PBW23 Open Air Opening Party
June 3-8 TON Breakfast
June 3 Monero Meetup | PBW23 Edition
June 3 UTXO Afterparty w/ Crypto Portal x Museverse x Somnium Space
June 3 DeFi Happy Hour at Gateway to Cosmos with Halborn, Fraction, Six Sigma Sports
June 3-4 UTXO.23
June 3-5 Gateway to Cosmos 2023
June 4 NFTs In Prague
June 5 DeFi meetup #7
June 5 STRV Talks: Supercharging Brands With Web3 ft. Škodaverse & Frens
June 5-6 PolkadotPrague 2023
June 5 #Lunarpunk Party
June 5 Web3Privacy Prague 2023
June 6 DeFiChain Tentacles Club Meetup
June 6 Lifiko
June 6 Web3 MeetUp #7
June 6 Smart Contract Security - Sunset Meetup
June 6 Chain3
June 6 The Reg3 Conference: The Prague fork
June 7 BeerFi meetup
June 7 Privacy in Cosmos. Live in Prague.
June 7 OFF/GRID 2023 by FactoryDAO
June 7 Metaverse Festival Prague 2023
June 8 Meetup @ PBW23
June 8 Breaking Bread & Blocks w/ Ackee
June 8 Urbit Meetup Prague
June 8 Starknet Prague
June 8 Cypherpunk Meetup
June 8 Offline Cross-Chain Fuzzing Treasury Hunt Game
June 8 L2Loft Prague 2023
June 8-9 Prague DeFi Summit 2023
June 8-10 Bitcoin conference
Bitcoin conference*
June 9 Artiffine Web3 Beer Meetup
June 9 RamenDAO: Traditional Czech Dinner & Beer 🍻
June 9 Blockchain Agnostic Party @ Cross Club: drum`n`bass, BASSLAYERZ (UK) LIVE
June 9 Do you mine?
June 9 ReFi Prague 2023
June 9-11 ETHPrague 2023
June 10 ETH Captains' Boat 🏴‍☠️ by Ackee Blockchain
June 10 HODL JAZZ: riverside rooftop
June 10 Founder's Night
June 11 Demo Day ETH Prague
*Not a part of #PBW23. The organizers of this event explicitly declined to be presented as part of #PBW23. Thus, we list them for context only.
⚠️ All events published here are independent and have their own organisers. #PBW23 is an independent initiative that informs about these events.
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