Events (22)

πŸ“… Name
June 2 APUS meetup
June 2 Cryptopunk lounge on the hill
June 2 #PBW23 Opening Party
June 3-5 Gateway to Cosmos 2023
June 3-4 UTXO.23
June 4
June 5 Ε kodaverse meetup
June 5 Web3Privacy Prague 2023
June 5 #Lunarpunk Party
June 5-6 PolkadotPrague 2023
June 6 Smart Contract Security - Sunset Meetup
June 6 DeSci Prague 2023
June 6 The Reg3 Conference: The Prague fork
June 6 IBCPrague 2023
June 7 STRV meetup
June 7 Metaverse Festival Prague 2023
June 8 Meetup @ PBW23
June 8 Starknet Prague
June 8-9 Prague DeFi Summit 2023
June 8-10 Bitcoin conference
Bitcoin conference*
June 9 Artiffine meetup
June 9-11 ETHPrague 2023
June 10 BeerFi meetup
*Not a part of #PBW23. The organizers of this event explicitly declined to be presented as part of #PBW23. Thus, we list them for context only.
⚠️ All events published here are independent and have their own organisers. Prague Blockchain Week is an independent initiative that informs about these events. If you want information about tickets, or to contact the organizers of a specific event - then contact them directly.
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