Gateway to Cosmos 2023

Gateway to Cosmos 2023

June 3-5, 2023
📍 Cubex
👥 1000
🇬🇧 english
Point of contact

Tomáš Eminger, Tomáš Fanta

twitter → @Gateway_Conf
telegram → @+4pbPwL5e1Do3MGRk
Status • Available
Price 150 EUR

Gateway to Cosmos is the one-stop-shop conference for all Cosmos Network evangelists. The ever-growing Cosmos community deserves a place to connect and network with one another in person to foster these special relationships that have stemmed from the Internet of Blockchains.


Saturday - June 3, 2023

09:00 - 18:00
Gateway to Cosmos 2023
Gateway Cosmos
📍 Cubex
👥 1000

Sunday - June 4, 2023

09:00 - 18:00
Gateway to Cosmos 2023
Gateway Cosmos
📍 Cubex
👥 1000

Monday - June 5, 2023

09:00 - 18:00
Gateway to Cosmos 2023
Gateway Cosmos
📍 Cubex
👥 1000

Speakers (75)

Adam Bilko

RockawayX Asset Manager

Adi Serendischi

Informal Systems Product Lead

Aleksander Kampa

Aragon ZK Research Director

Ali Merchant

Informal Systems Developer Relations Engineer

Amos Meiri

Node.Capital Founder & GP

Ankur Banerjee

cheqd CTO & Co-Founder

Avril Dutheil

Neutron General Manager

Barry Kuts

DymensionXYZ Head of Product & Research

Bea O’Carroll

MPCH / Fraction Managing Director

Bo Du

Polymer Labs Co-Founder

Callum Waters

Celestia Labs Software Engineer

David Graf

White Whale CTO

Dawid Rylski

RockawayX Principal

Dean Tribble

Agoric Co-Founder

Diego Lizarazo

Agoric Developer Relations Professional

Dominik Skrobacz

Chain4Energy CEO

Dougie DeLuca

Figment Capital Investor

Eshel Bar Meir

Secret Labs Secret Contract Developer

Federico Kunze Küllmer

Evmos Co-Founder & Director


Squid Co-Founder

Filip Siroky

RockawayX Research


Penumbra Labs Core Engineer

Frank Chaparro

The Block Crypto Reporter

Frans Scholten

Flow Traders Investor

Gabe Rodriguez

Delphi Labs Lead Developer

Guy Zyskind

Secret Founder

Hao Zheng


Harry Halpin


Hector Perez

ZK Validator Growth Manager

Igor Konnov

Informal Systems Principal Scientist

Jafar Azam

Composable Finance Developer Relations

Jahed Momand

Cerulean Ventures Co-Founder

Jake Hartnell

Juno Co-Founder

Jelena Djuric

Noble Co-Founder & CEO

Jeroen Develter

Persistence Ecosystem Development

Josh Bowen

Astria CEO

Julien Robert

Binary Builders Software Engineer

Kamen Trendafilov

Nolus Co-Founder

Kyrylo Khomiakov

Binance General Manager CEE

Lauren Gallinaro

Informal Systems - Hub Team Software Engineer

Lior Bondarevsky

Secret Labs Senior Software Engineer

Luca Franceschini

Phi Labs Developer Relations Engineer

Luis Quispe Gonzales

Halborn Senior Security Architect

Maghnus Mareneck

Skip Protocol Co-Founder

Maksim Kupriianov

Persistence Labs Senior Blockchain Engineer

Marek Sandrik

RockawayX Principal

Marta Adamczyk

SubQuery Technology Evangelist

Martin Vejmelka

Rockaway X Labs CTO

Mathijs van Esch

Maven11 Partner

Matthew Felice Pace

Simply Staking CEO

Mirko Schmiedl

Staking Rewards CEO

Nadim Kobeissi

NYM Head of Software Intergration

Noam Cohen

Binary Builders

Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini

ZK Validator DevOps Consultant

Rafael Aviles

Numia Co-Founder

Robert Zaremba

Umee Principal Engineer

Ruben Brons

Flow Traders Business Development & Investment

Rushi Manche

Movement Labs Co-Founder

Sam Cassatt

Analog Interchain Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Sam Hart

Skip Protocol Head of Product & Strategy

Samantha Bohbot

RockawayX Chief Growth Officer

Samantha Ricotta

Binary Builders Software Engineer

Saul Hudson

Angle42 Co-Founder

Sean Braithwaite

Mekatek Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastian Higgs

Fraction Chief Strategy Officer

Spenser Huang

Coinlist Managing Director

Sunny Aggarwal

Osmosis Co-Founder

Tomas Eminger

RockawayX Chief Validator Officer

Tomas Urban

Sparring Crypto Legal

Viktor Fischer

RockawayX Managing Partner

Vitalis Salis

Babylon Lead Engineer

Yair Cleper

Lava Network Co-Founder & CEO

Yannick Socolov

Chorus One Partnerships

Yaz Khoury

Celestia Labs Head of Developer Relations

Zaki Manian

Sommelier Co-Founder

Venues (1)


1700 ppl
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