Conferences & Hackathons (9)

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June 3-4
1200 ppl

Gateway Cosmos

June 3-5
1000 ppl

Prague DeFi

June 8-9
750 ppl


June 9-11
750 ppl


June 5-6
300 ppl


June 5
300 ppl

Metaverse Festival

June 7
300 ppl

Reg3 Prague

June 6
200 ppl

DeSci Prague

June 6
150 ppl

Other events (13)

#PBW23 Opening Party

June 2
1000 ppl


June 6
300 ppl

#Lunarpunk Party

June 5
300 ppl


June 4
200 ppl

Starknet Prague

June 8
100 ppl


June 10
50 ppl

APUS meetup

June 2
30 ppl

STRV meetup

June 7

Speakers (81)

International 🌎

Abeer Sharma

The university of Hong Kong

Anna George



Dean Tribble

Agoric Co-Founder

Federico Kunze Küllmer

Evmos Co-Founder

Ferit Tunçer

Prove Us Wrong

Iraida Novruzova

Metaverse FashionExpert

Julien Bouteloup

Stake Capital Group

Manu Alzuru

Humanist, solarpunk, Founder of DoinGud & ETH Barcelona

Miao ZhiCheng


Nicolas Manea

Cardiff University

Olska Green

Founder of Phygital Sustainable Fashion Brand ECOOLSKA


Rosco Kalis

Revoke Cash

Sean Braithwaite

Co-Founder & CEO Mekatek

Sergey Gorbunov

Axelar Co-Founder

Sunny Aggarwal

Osmosis Co-Founder

Thomas De Bruyne

Xperience Lab Lead | Transformational Leadership

Tim Beiko

Ethereum Foundation

Timmu Toke

CEO atReady Player Me

Will Harborne

Rhino Fi

Zaki Manian

Sommelier Co-Founder

ens.eth / v3xlabs.eth

Local - Czech 🇨🇿 & Slovak 🇸🇰

Adam Hrazdira

Solana blockchain auditor, Rust language enthusiast

Adam Kracík

Freelance journalist and cryptocurrency analyst

Adam Rajnoha

Co-Founder & CEO of MOYA

David Mařák

Co-Founder & CTO of Yord

David Stancel

Author of Coin Story, CIO @ Fumbi

Dominika V

Content creator, Crypto enthusiast @ Women in crypto CZ

Filip Kolert

Founder & COO at Swipelux

Honza Borýsek

Founder, Growth & Innovation


DeFi geek with thirst for AI revolutions

Hynek Jína

Head of Development at Trezor

Inna Fetissova

Co-Founder and CMO at MOYA

Jacob Jelen

Product Designer & Technologist, Donat.Network

Jakub Jedlinský

Macroeconomist specialising in tokenomics modelling

Jan Kohout

Author of the "Kryptoplebs", physiotherapist

Jan Zibner

Lawyer, CLO & co-founder of Artiffine

Jiří Čepelka

Cryptoanarchist and lunarpunk, IBC Prague organizer

Julie Šislerová

VR & AR Expert, Metaverse & NFT Evangelist

Juraj Bednár

Entrepreneur, hacker and freedom lover

Juraj Kováč

Creative & Strategy Director, THIS IS LOCCO

Libor Flössler

YT channel Investocka, investment board game "Win Life"

Lukáš Kovanda

Chief Economist @ Trinity Bank, Advisor @ SAB Finance

Mario Havel

Hacker, Co-Founder of Bordel Hackerspace

Martin Bok

Tokenomics designer / analyst @ Altlift

Martin Sokol

Digital Marketing | Growth of Mobile Games

Milan Půlkrábek

Lecturer and consultant in digital self-defence

Natália Rajnohová

CMO at YORD, Co-founder at MOYA

Ondrej T.

Metaverse & Web3 Advisor and Evangelist

Ondřej Řeháček

Developer, Smart-contract Auditor

Pavla Julia Kolářová

Brand & Strategic Designer | Web3

Pavol Lupták

Cryptoanarchist, voluntaryist, perpetual traveler

Petr Hotovec

Cryptocurrency hedge fund manager and consultant

Petr Lukáč

Independent journalist, Podcast Krypto Space

Sara Polak

Founder at CCHAOS Research

Stanislav Šimek

Lawyer and Cryptocurrency Consultant

Tereza Starostová

Chairwoman at UTXO co-founder of Women in crypto CZ


Author of a book about Anarcho-Capitalism

Vladimír Pinker

Education about Web3, KryptoVláďa channel

Vojtěch Pour

Co-founder of Meetvers, Web3 social enthusiast




Thinker of, ETHBrno & UTXO.23

Places (10)


300 ppl


500 ppl

Ackee @ Blox

100 ppl

La Fabrika

450 ppl

PVA Expo

25000 ppl


300 ppl


1700 ppl

Gabriel Loci

1500 ppl

PBW Benefits for visitors (4)

PBW Media Partners & Communities (8)

International 🌎

Local - Czech 🇨🇿 & Slovak 🇸🇰

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